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ANON Jun 30th, 2015 @ 11:17 AM

1/2...Catholic priest James Robinson fled after ‘police tip-off’…

A paedophile priest fled the country after a police officer tipped off the Catholic Church in Birmingham, a sex abuse victim has claimed.

The man said the officer passed on documents about 30 years ago which led to James Robinson being "spirited away" overseas.

The priest was later jailed.

The Archdiocese of Birmingham has always denied knowingly covering up the activities of paedophile priests.

West Midlands Police said claims about the officer were being looked into.

The anonymous victim, known as "Donald", was brought up in the Father Hudson Home for orphans in Coleshill, Warwickshire, where he was repeatedly abused by Father Eric Taylor, who was jailed in 1998.

BBC Midlands Today correspondent Peter Wilson said: "Robinson was Taylor's protégé, a Roman Catholic priest working across the West Midlands and Staffordshire. He was a serial child abuser.

"In 1985 he moved to America. Donald campaigned for his extradition."

In 2010, a year after being extradited, Robinson was jailed for 21 years for sexually abusing boys in the West Midlands between 1959 and 1983.

Donald claims a police officer undermined the original investigation into Robinson.

He said the officer passed on a victim statement "prior to the arrest of James Robinson to the Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham and subsequently Robinson was spirited away, first to Ireland and then to America, given a stipend and simply told to stay out of the way".

Donald said West Midlands Police should also investigate the actions of the church.

He said: "Given the fact that most of these priests were serial abusers why was it that the church kept on moving them from one parish to another hiding them?

"What we have here is the same thing that happened in Rotherham where those in power and in authority simply failed in their duty of care."

ANON Jun 30th, 2015 @ 11:14 AM

2/2...West Midlands Police said it had received a complaint concerning investigations into historical child sexual abuse in Birmingham, containing two allegations.

Chief Insp Dean Hatton from the force's Professional Standards Department said: "The second allegation claims an inappropriate disclosure was made to a third party during the initial stages of an investigation into former priest Richard James Robinson, jailed in 2010 for a string of sexual offences against boys.

"The Independent Police Complaints Commission has been made aware of the complaint and the matter was referred back to the force's Professional Standards Department (PSD) to investigate.

"This is not a criminal investigation but should any offences come to light during the PSD inquiry, then these will of course be investigated and appropriate action taken."

Mr Hatton said the other allegation related to concerns about the outcome of a previous complaint "into the force's handling of an investigation into alleged abuse by members of the Catholic Church".

"Following advice from the Crown Prosecution Service and careful consideration by West Midlands Police, it was decided no further action should be taken in respect of the original investigation."

Jane Jones, safeguarding co-ordinator for the Archdiocese, said changes had been made to ensure such offences were reported to police.

"James Robinson may have been moved for the wrong reasons, I'm not in a position to comment on that. But if there are concerns in a parish now everyone has access to my phone number," she said.

"Clergy are trained differently everybody is made aware of what should happen and aware of how these things arise and what to look out for.

"We have a good system in place now."

ANON Jun 29th, 2015 @ 05:13 PM

1/3...Lord Janner faces historical sex abuse prosecution…

Lord Janner will be prosecuted over claims of historical child sexual abuse after a review overturned a decision by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

Prosecutors announced in April that the 86-year-old peer would not be charged because of his severe form of dementia.

An independent QC has now recommended that the decision should be overruled.
Lord Janner, who was MP for Leicester West for 27 years, denies any wrongdoing and his family says he "is entirely innocent".

He will face criminal proceedings relating to 22 allegations of historical sexual abuse against nine children during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

The case has been first listed for Westminster Magistrates' Court on 7 August.

It was reviewed under the CPS Victims' Right to Review Scheme, which allows people to have their case looked at again regardless of who took the decision at the CPS not to prosecute.

David Perry QC concluded that it was in the public interest to bring proceedings before a criminal court.

ANON Jun 29th, 2015 @ 05:12 PM

2/3...'Borderline case'
Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Alison Saunders said: "I have always said that in my view this was an extremely difficult and borderline case because of the strong arguments on both sides.

I have also always emphasised my concern for the complainants in this case.

"I understood their need to be heard, which is why I contacted Justice Goddard to ensure that they could give evidence as part of the public inquiry.

However, the review has concluded that this forum, albeit a public one, cannot substitute for the adjudication of the courts.

"I accept the outcome of the review and will now be bringing this prosecution to allow for that adjudication to happen."

Ms Saunders is the first DPP to have a major prosecuting decision reviewed and overturned.

She faced calls to resign following her original decision but has told the BBC she will not do so.

The announcement reverses Ms Saunders decision that the Cardiff-born peer's dementia meant he was not fit to stand trial and so it was not in the public interest for that to happen, despite there being sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of convictions.

A judge will now decide if Lord Janner is fit to stand trial. If not, he will face what is known as a "trial of the facts", where a court hears evidence from alleged victims and decides only if Lord Janner committed the physical acts of abuse.

There will be no finding of guilt or conviction.

In May, six of the complainants in the case requested a formal review which concluded that although there is sufficient evidence to prosecute, it is right to assume that Lord Janner will inevitably be found unfit to plead and therefore not fit to instruct his legal team, or challenge or give evidence in a trial.

Solicitor Liz Dux, who represents some of the alleged victims, said: "This is a vindication of our efforts to challenge the DPP's original decision not to charge Janner, which was clearly not in the interest of justice".

"Our clients have waited long enough for their very serious allegations to be brought before a court.

They have felt deeply frustrated by the criminal justice system."

ANON Jun 29th, 2015 @ 05:09 PM

3/3...Analysis: There are only three possible outcomes from a trial of the facts.

They are a hospital order, a supervision order or an absolute discharge.

The jury can only make a finding that the defendant did the particular physical act.

There cannot be a verdict of guilty.

Such a trial recently took place in the case of the former Luton South MP Margaret Moran, who was accused of falsely claiming more than £53,000 in parliamentary expenses.

She was given a two-year supervision order.

In Lord Janner's case, the process would involve the alleged victims giving evidence.

A trial of the facts would most likely be strenuously opposed by Lord Janner's legal team, who would argue it was an abuse of the court process to subject him to any sort of trial where there had been so much adverse pre-trial publicity.

“Janner case spotlights legal options”

Labour MP Simon Danczuk, who has campaigned on historical child abuse cases, called on the DPP to quit.

He said: "I think Alison Saunders has brought the criminal justice system into disrepute, and I don't say that lightly. It was just a cold decision, it didn't take into account the alleged victims in this case.

"There was a lot of public interest in it and she failed to accept that. This decision today actually shows she got it wrong, and she has really dented public confidence in the criminal justice system."

However, Lord Macdonald, who was DPP between 2003 and 2008, came to Ms Saunders' defence.

He said: "Plenty of very eminent lawyers think that Alison Saunders made the right decision.

The inquiry has corrected her but I don't myself think this should be a resigning issue for her."

Police condemned the original CPS decision as "wrong", and the Labour Party has suspended the peer.

ANON Jun 29th, 2015 @ 05:06 PM

Father who abused deaf daughter gets suspended jail sentence…

An 81-year old man who sexually abused his deaf daughter has received a suspended jail sentence.

The pensioner from north Belfast admitted abusing his daughter over four years in the 1970s.

At Belfast Crown Court on Monday, he was sentenced to 17 months in jail, suspended for two years.

A prosecuting lawyer said the man began indecently assaulting the girl when she was 13 years old.

The abuse continued until she was aged 17.

As a teenager, she had told her mother, asking her not to go out "for fear something would happen".

The girl's mother refused to believe her and said others would not believe her either.

In June 2011, she approached her mother again and told her again what had happened to her when she was a teenager.

This time, her mother spoke to her father and a report was made to police.

Last June, the pensioner told police that he had touched his daughter in the way that she described.

The lawyer said that the victim was deaf, that the abuse added to her feelings of isolation and that what happened to her in the 1970s has had a long-term psychological impact.

A defence barrister told the court that the man was 81 years old and had a clear criminal record.

He said the man, who cannot be named to protect his daughter's identity, wanted to apologise openly to her in court.

The lawyer said his client had diabetes, kidney disease and difficulties with mobility.

Sentencing him, the judge said the woman had suffered "considerable trauma".

He also said that her abuser had expressed remorse and disgust with himself for what he had done.

ANON Jun 29th, 2015 @ 05:03 PM

Op Pallial: Fourth man guilty of Wrexham child sex abuse…

A fourth man has been convicted of historical sexual abuse against children in Wrexham during the 1980s.

George Neil Phoenix, 63, from the town, was found guilty of one charge of indecent assault in a majority verdict by the jury.

It was the seventh day of deliberations by the panel, which is still considering outstanding charges against another two men.

Three others have also been convicted of a series of offences.

Victims were assaulted at sex parties, the trial at Mold Crown Court has heard.
A seventh man, Roger Griffiths, 76, of Wrexham, was cleared on Friday, after a trial which started in April.

The men were arrested as part of the Operation Pallial investigation into historical abuse across north Wales.

The jury will resume deliberations again on Tuesday after being sent home for the evening.

ANON Jun 29th, 2015 @ 05:01 PM

1/2...Convicted paedophile jailed for sexually assaulting baby…

A convicted paedophile has been jailed for three and a half years for sexually assaulting a one-year-old baby who had been left in his care while her parents went out drinking.

Michael O’Brien (46) committed the abuse against a backdrop of severe neglect and physical abuse by the child’s parents.

The court heard there was no clean clothes, electricity or food in the house at the time, although food was kept in the freezer for when social workers came for inspections.

Last month, O’Brien was released from a 12-year sentence imposed in 2008 for the sexual abuse of two children who were under the age of six. In 1993 he was jailed for four years for the aggravated sexual assault of a 60-year-old woman during a burglary of her home.

Describing the assault as “a vile and monstrous act” against a child whose parents had failed in their duties, Judge Sarah Berkeley said O’Brien had undergone treatment programmes in prison to lessen his chance of re-offending in future, but he needed to do more.

Suspending 18 months of a five-year jail term, she ordered that he continue to undergo treatment in prison and co-operate with the probation services on his eventual release.

O’Brien with a last address in Co Limerick pleaded not guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to sexually assaulting the baby at her home in the west of Ireland between April 2005 and October 2006. He was convicted by a jury earlier this year.

During an earlier sentencing hearing, a local Garda told prosecuting counsel Anne Rowland BL that when the baby was born her parents brought her home, handed her to her 10-year-old sister and told her that she had to look after her.

The older sibling told Gardaí on many occasions she returned home to find the baby in a car seat in front of the television while the parents were out drinking.
In 2005 the parents returned to the house drunk with O’Brien.

From then on O’Brien regularly stayed in the house and babysat the children.

ANON Jun 29th, 2015 @ 04:59 PM

2/2...The older sister told the trial that she was afraid of O’Brien and would lock her and her siblings in a room when he was there.

One day she came home and found O’Brien sexually assaulting the baby in the sitting room. The 10-year-old grabbed a poker and hit O’Brien, telling him to get away from her sister.

When the children’s mother returned home she beat the 10-year-old with the poker as punishment for hitting O’Brien. The child was too afraid to tell her mother about the sexual abuse.

The children were later taken into care where the older sister told gardaí about the sexual assault while detailing the neglect they faced in the house.

A foster parent for the children told the trial that most of them were not toilet trained and they did not know how to use cutlery or a toothbrush.

An examination of O’Brien’s victim showed apparent physical evidence of the sexual abuse and O’Brien was arrested and interviewed. He admitted babysitting the children sometimes but denied sexual abuse.

Judge Berkeley said the apparent physical harm had not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be caused by the abuse, so she could not take it into consideration when passing sentence.

Defence counsel Geraldine Fitzpatrick SC said her client now accepts the verdict of the jury. She said O’Brien left school early and worked steadily as a butcher and farm labourer.

She said he has no contact with most of his family since his previous conviction.
Ms Fitzpatrick asked Judge Berkeley to consider “the light at the end of the tunnel principle” and allow O’Brien a chance to rehabilitate himself for his eventual release.
She also asked the judge to consider the social stigma and publicity associated with sexual abuse cases but conceded this was a lesser mitigating factor for someone with O’Brien’s convictions.

ANON Jun 28th, 2015 @ 10:15 AM

Copy and Paste....http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/courts/detached-egocentric-and-narcissistic-paedophile-with-no-shame-or-remorse-31335112.html

ANON Jun 26th, 2015 @ 12:20 PM

Ex-Christian Brother returned to jail following appeal…

A former Christian Brother jailed for indecently assaulting three boys at a secondary school in Cork in the 1980s and 1990s has been returned to jail following an appeal.

Edward Bryan, aged 61, with an address at Martinvilla, Athboy Rd, Trim, Co Meath, had pleaded not guilty at Cork Circuit Criminal Court to 10 counts of indecently assaulting four boys at the North Monastery secondary school in Cork on dates between September 1, 1984, and June 30, 1990.

He was found guilty by a jury on seven counts relating to three boys and sentenced to five years’ imprisonment by Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin on March 1, 2013.

Bryan was granted bail by the Court of Criminal Appeal in December 2013 to challenge his conviction and sentence.

His conviction appeal was heard in May of this year. One count on which he was convicted was quashed, the balance were upheld, and his appeal was dismissed.

During his sentence appeal, Bryan successfully relied on a Court of Appeal judgment from earlier this year which held that the maximum sentence for indecently assaulting a male in the said time period was two years’ imprisonment and not ten as had been previously believed.

The DPP has appealed that decision to the Supreme Court.

Mr Justice George Birmingham, who sat with Mr Justice Garrett Sheehan and Mr Justice John Edwards, sentenced Bryan to three consecutive 10-month sentences or two-and-a-half years in prison overall.

Speaking on behalf of the Court of Appeal yesterday, Mr Justice Birmingham said Bryan was a school teacher in Cork during the offending period and he was engaged in extra curricular activity. Basketball provided the backdrop to the abuse that occurred.

In general there was inappropriate touching, fondling, groping, and, on occasions, masturbation, he said. These were serious matters involving the sexual abuse of children by a teacher, the judge said.

The prolonged period over which the abuse had occurred, the number of victims, and age difference were aggravating factors.

On the other side of the coin, Bryan had no previous convictions and was otherwise of good character, Mr Justice Birmingham said.

A guilty plea had not been forthcoming, the judge said, meaning the considerable mitigation that would have been available to Bryan was not a factor in this case.

The court heard Bryan is prepared to take up any available courses for sex offenders.

ANON Jun 26th, 2015 @ 12:16 PM

1/2...Catholic charities object to child abuse inquiry chairwoman…

Two Catholic charities have lodged a legal objection to the appointment of the chairwoman of the Scottish government's inquiry into historical abuse of children in care.

The Congregation of the Poor Sisters of Nazareth and the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent De Paul want to challenge the choice of Susan O'Brien QC.

She is to take up her post on 1 July.

The government said it would defend the appointment, while some victims called the legal move "disappointing".

One child abuse survivor said it was "a tactic to delay and obstruct justice, which has caused immense upset".

Ms O'Brien's appointment was announced by Education Secretary Angel Constance last month.

Her remit will include allegations of abuse in institutions, foster care, long-term hospital care and boarding schools.

A senior civil servant has written to groups including victims and their families ahead of the first hearing which is due to take place at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

The letter said: "Please be reassured that the Scottish Ministers are defending this challenge robustly."

ANON Jun 26th, 2015 @ 12:13 PM

2/2...A Scottish government spokeswoman said: "Ms O'Brien's appointment has been received positively by many people, including survivors.

"She is an experienced advocate whose considerable knowledge and expertise was an important consideration in making this appointment.

"We are confident that her appointment is sound in terms of the Inquiries Act and that she will lead a fair, thorough and honest inquiry."

When Education Secretary Angela Constance announced Ms O'Brien's appointment, she said the inquiry would have powers to force witnesses to give evidence.

She had previously said abusers would "face the full force of the law".

The minister also confirmed the Scottish government intended to lift the three-year time bar on civil actions.

This would include compensation claims for damages in cases of historical abuse that took place after 1964.

New funding of £14.5m for support services was also announced to the Scottish Parliament, in a move designed to ensure survivors have access to the services they need now.

Ms O'Brien previously chaired a panel which investigated the death of 11-week-old baby Caleb Ness in Edinburgh.

It produced a report in 2003 which resulted in the reorganisation of Edinburgh's social work department.

The QC has been an employment judge for 15 years and is currently a governor of Heriot-Watt University.

At the time of her appointment, Ms O'Brien said: "I appreciate that no one can provide full justice for any victim of abuse in childhood, but the Scottish government is anxious to enable victims to tell us what happened to them and the impact it had on their lives."

"The inquiry panel will try to identify any lessons from past failures which will help to keep our children safe in the future."

ANON Jun 26th, 2015 @ 12:08 PM

Douglas Frederick Ayton: Child sex abuser jailed for 14-and-a-half years…

A man who sexually abused two girls in a five-year period in the 1980s has been jailed for 14-and-a-half years.

Douglas Frederick Ayton first abused the girls when they were aged 11.
Ayton, 62, forced them into sexual acts in his home in Londonderry, his holiday home in County Donegal in the Republic of Ireland, and in his car.

One of the attempted rapes took place as his wife was in hospital giving birth to one of their daughters, the court heard.

The abuse began after Ayton, of Donnybrewer Road, befriended the girls' families, allowing him to spend extended time alone with them.

He carried out most of the assaults while his wife was at work in a pub, but some of it happened as she and their children were present in the family home.

The abuse started in late 1981 and continued until early 1987, but only came to light in 2012 when one of the victims contacted police.

A second woman then came forward. Both are entitled to lifelong anonymity.
The judge at Antrim Crown Court said the abuse had been "systemic and sustained robbing the girls of any normality throughout their teenage years".

His behaviour was "exploitative, manipulative and abhorrent", she added.
In a statement read to the court, one of the women said she was so "brainwashed" by Ayton that she would have "done anything for him" when in reality he "repulsed" her.

Ayton had initially pleaded guilty to only half of the charges, but changed his plea on a further 18 in May.

He had told police he had not abused the girls, but it had been a "two-way thing", and claimed he and the girls were "good together".

Ayton was given two consecutive seven-year sentences for the 33 charges of attempted rape and sexual assault.

He was given a further six months for the abuse of one of the girls' schoolmates.

He will also have to sign the sex offenders register.

ANON Jun 26th, 2015 @ 12:05 PM

Four await historical Wrexham sex abuse jury verdicts…

A jury is continuing to consider charges against four men accused of historical sex offences on children in the Wrexham area during the 1980s.

Roger Griffiths, 76, Keith Stokes, 62, George Phoenix, 63, and 70-year-old Edward Huxley are among seven people who have been on trial since April.

Mold Crown Court heard victims were assaulted at sex parties at the home of Gary Cooke.

The 64-year-old and two others have been convicted of several offences.
Cooke, David Lightfoot, 72, and former local radio presenter Roy Norry, 55, were found guilty by the jury on Thursday.

The seven men were arrested as part of the Operation Pallial investigation into historical sexual abuse of children across north Wales.

Verdicts so far…
§ Former wrestler Gary Cooke, 64, of Leicester, guilty of 11 charges of indecent assault, three serious sexual assaults, and two charges of indecency with a child

§ Ex-bar owner David Lightfoot, 72, of Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, guilty of six charges of indecent assault on a male, two serious sexual assaults and an attempted serious sexual assault. He was cleared of one charge of indecency with a child

§ Former radio DJ Roy Norry, 55, from Connah's Quay, was found guilty of five indecent assaults on a male and one serious sexual assault. He was cleared of attempted serious sexual assault and indecent assault

§ Roger Griffiths, 76, of Wrexham, has been found not guilty of one charge of indecent assault. Another charge is still being considered by the jury

§ Keith Stokes, 62, from Farndon, Chester, has also been found not guilty on one charge of indecency with a child - but several other charges are still being considered.

§ George Phoenix, 63, of Wrexham, is charged with one indecent assault verdict still being considered

§ Edward Huxley, 70, of Cookham, Berkshire, is charged with two counts of indecent assault verdicts still being considered

ANON Jun 26th, 2015 @ 11:26 AM

Brendan Smyth’s victims to sue Garda for damages….

“Evidence to Historical Institutional Abuse inquiry has prompted legal proceedings”Victims of paedophile priest Brendan Smyth are to sue An Garda Síochána for damages over its failure to take action when they were allegedly notified in the early 1970s that Smyth was a child sex abuser, it was stated on Thursday.

Belfast solicitor Kevin Winters said he was instructed to take legal proceedings against the Garda following evidence provided to the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry on Thursday that gardaí in Finglas were alerted in 1973 that Smyth was “suffering from paedophilia”.

That information emerged through the disclosure of confidential documents from St Patrick’s Hospital in Dublin where in 1973 Smyth was receiving psychiatric treatment for his sexual propensities.


“A number of victims of Smyth’s abuse have asked us to write to the Garda Commissioner to find out why they didn’t act on a letter sent to Finglas Garda station in 1973,” said Mr Winters.

“Our clients are shocked to learn that the document didn’t alert gardaí and the authorities to the very real risk of future abuse by Smyth.

“It has been deeply re-traumatising for them to learn about the contents of this letter and to that end feel they have no alternative but to issue civil proceedings for damages for what on the face of it was an appalling failure to take meaningful steps to prevent crimes against the innocent and vulnerable.”

A Garda spokesman said that “as the inquiry is ongoing it would be inappropriate to comment”.

Margaret McGuckian of victims group Savia said it was “beyond comprehension to think that so many people’s lives could have been different had the authorities acted sooner”.

“It is a bad day for the gardaí but we also want to know why it took so long for these documents to be handed over. ”

ANON Jun 26th, 2015 @ 11:19 AM

Copy and Paste....http://www.irishtimes.com/news/social-affairs/religion-and-beliefs/brady-s-evidence-raises-questions-about-1975-abuse-investigation-1.2263279

ANON Jun 25th, 2015 @ 12:10 PM

Sean Brady apologises for Brendan Smyth crimes…

The former Catholic Primate of All Ireland, Sean Brady, has said he wanted to express his horror and to offer an unreserved apology to all those affected as a result of the crimes of convicted paedophile Brendan Smyth.

The Cardinal is appearing before the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry in Northern Ireland.

The Cardinal commended the courage of the 14-year-old boy who came forward in 1975.

He said "unfortunately the response to his complaint was neither adequate or effective. For this I'm truly sorry,” he said.

He is giving evidence about a meeting in 1975 where the then teaching priest took notes when a 14-year-old told of being sexually abused by Smyth.

Cardinal Brady said that there was a shroud of secrecy and confidentially with a view to not destroying the good name of the church.

He admitted that looking back the boy's father should have been present at the meeting.

The inquiry, which is sitting in Banbridge Courthouse, is currently examining whether systemic failings enabled Smyth to continue his offending for so long.

A victim of Smyth has said she and many others could have been saved if the authorities who knew of his activities had acted sooner.

The 33-year-old woman, who calls herself 'Rose', now lives in the UK and was abused in 1993 when she was 13.

She believes she was Smyth's last victim.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, she gave her reaction to the news that gardaí knew that Smyth was a paedophile and was attacking children as early as 1973.

She said she was "shocked, gobsmacked", adding "why him, why was he let away? Why was nothing done to him? The more you know, the more it could have been prevented.

Some of us could have been saved, me included."

She said she is currently taking a civil suit against the Bishop of Kilmore, Leo Reilly, the Norbertine Order and Cardinal Sean Brady.

Smyth, originally from west Belfast but who was based at Kilnacrott Abbey in Co Cavan, was convicted of sexually assaulting more than 40 children in Northern Ireland in 1994.

But he told a treating doctor that the true number of victims could have run into the hundreds

ANON Jun 25th, 2015 @ 11:14 AM

1/2...Fr Smyth threat to punch priest who kept him from altar boys…

“Fr Fitzgerald, who served with Smyth in the 1980s, said his notoriety was widespread”…

Fr Brendan Smyth who died in 1997: inquiry examining whether systemic failings allowed him to offend for more than four decades.

Paedophile priest Fr Brendan Smyth threatened to punch another priest when warned to stay away from altar boys, the North’s Historical Abuse Inquiry has heard.

Fr William Fitzgerald, who served with Smyth at Kilnacrott Abbey in Co Cavan in the late 1980s, described him as a scary individual whose notoriety extended across the world.

Giving evidence to the inquiry in Banbridge, the 61-year-old Australian said he had to bar Smyth from church rehearsals with nine altar boys.

“I told him, ‘in view of the rumours about you and your sexual activities with children, you will not be anywhere near these kids under my watch’.

“He said ‘I’ll knock your head off.’ I said ‘oh make my day you b*****d. I’ll knock your head clean off’.”

Smyth was convicted on more than 100 child abuse charges on both sides of the border and died in prison in the Republic in 1997.

Fr Fitzgerald said Smyth’s poisonous legacy forced the closure of Kilnacrott Abbey and destroyed the Norbertine order.

“In Ireland the word Norbertine means paedophile,” said Fr Fitzgerald.

ANON Jun 25th, 2015 @ 11:11 AM

2/2...The inquiry has set aside a week to examine whether systemic failings allowed Smyth, from west Belfast, to offend for more than four decades.

Fr Fitzgerald voluntarily attended the hearing at Banbridge Courthouse in Co Down on behalf of the Norbertines.

He said he was first made aware of Smyth’s reputation while talking to a colleague in Perth, Australia in 1973.

He told the inquiry priests were treated differently from other adults who committed crimes. Nothing short of murder would warrant punishment, he said.

“Arrest was something you never did to a priest. Anything short of murder or maybe fiddling too much with the finances. It is protectionism called clericalism.”

New protocols marked a sea change in the attitude towards clergy, Fr Fitzgerald said.

The inquiry heard how Smyth frequented children’s homes in Belfast and Co Down as well as grooming boys and girls for abuse after befriending their parents.

Fr Fitzgerald said the boot of Smyth’s car was always filled with “candy”.

The inquiry heard confidential documents from St Patrick’s psychiatric hospital in Dublin revealed Smyth had asked to be admitted in 1973.

In a letter to an officer at Finglas Garda station on November 1st, 1973, Smyth’s psychiatrist wrote: “I have been asked to write to you by Fr Brendan Smyth.

He has been a patient under my care for some months and I am familiar with the nature of his problems.

“I am writing to his superiors suggesting that he should have a period of in-patient care.”

A case summary dated February 1974, read: “Psychosexual difficulties for many years. First developed in the Novitiate. A recurring problem no matter where he has been stationed. His paedophilia has brought him into contact with the police.”

ANON Jun 24th, 2015 @ 06:29 PM

Smyth may have abused thousands, says Lewis…

The director of the One in Four service for survivors of sexual abuse has said Smyth may have abused thousands of children in Ireland and in the United States.

Speaking on RTÉ's Six One News, Maeve Lewis said the Norbertine priest had devastated lives.

She said her organisation had met survivors who struggled with every aspect of their existences; their marriages, their roles as parents and as professionals.

With help people could cope with their abuse but she said that not everybody gets help.

Ms Lewis said the most upsetting aspect of the Smyth story is that if people in authority had acted, lives could have been so different.

Referring to Cardinal Seán Brady, who appears before the inquiry tomorrow, Ms Lewis said it used to really irritate survivors when he referred to the church being on a "learning curve" concerning abuse.

She said the church is now good at child safeguarding. However, she complained that legislation to counter the problem was meandering through the Dáil without any sense of urgency being shown by legislators.

Ms Lewis also said that One in Four's counselling waiting list is full because of a lack of resources but that advocacy services could answer queries.

Meanwhile, a victim of Smyth has said it is appalling if it is true that Gardaí were made aware about Smyth from the early 1970s.

Loreto Martin was raped and abused by Smyth in 1975 from the age of 13. The abuse lasted five years.

She described the good days as the days he raped her.

She said the bad days were the ones where he raped and photographed her.

Ms Martin called for a nationwide investigation into all parishes funded by the church and run by the State.

Anyone who may have been affected by issues in this report can contact the Connect counselling and support service on 1800 477 477 or the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre on 1800 77 88 88.

ANON Jun 24th, 2015 @ 06:26 PM

1/2...Gardaí were aware of Smyth's abuse in early 1970s, inquiry told…

An institutional abuse inquiry in Northern Ireland has heard that gardaí were aware of the activities of paedophile priest Brendan Smyth as far back as the early 1970s.
Confidential documents revealed at the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry in Banbridge show that Smyth asked to be admitted for treatment at St Patrick's Psychiatric Hospital in Dublin after he came to the attention of gardaí in 1973.

The documents also reveal that Smyth had been diagnosed as a paedophile in 1973.

Medical notes revealed Smyth was prescribed medication in the hope it would have a dampening effect on his libido.

The notes also showed he was regarded as being a "little bit crazy" and having "a screw loose".

Joseph Aiken, counsel for the inquiry, said: "For some reason Brendan Smyth has asked the doctor looking after him to write a letter to Finglas garda station to say that he is going to be taken in for some inpatient treatment."

Smyth had been conducting a retreat in Finglas in July 1973.
The documents were only released to the long-running HIA inquiry this morning.

The hearing was delayed for several hours today because the medical notes, which the Norbertine order had been trying to obtain for many years, were finally released from St Patrick's Hospital this morning.

ANON Jun 24th, 2015 @ 06:24 PM

2/2...In a letter to an officer at Finglas garda station dated 1 November 1973, Smyth's psychiatrist said he was recommending the cleric be admitted for treatment.

The doctor said: "I have been asked to write to you by Fr Brendan Smyth of Holy Trinity Abbey, Kilnacrott.

"He has been a patient under my care for some months and I am familiar with the nature of his problems. I am writing to his superior suggesting that he should have a period of inpatient care in St Patrick's Hospital or in St Edmonds Bury.

"I hope this arrangement will be satisfactory to you and your superiors."

According to a case summary dated February 1974, a doctor at St Patrick's confirmed a diagnosis of paedophilia.

The note read: "Psychosexual difficulties for many years. First developed in the Novitiate. A recurring problem no matter where he has been stationed. His paedophilia has brought him into contact with the police."

Smyth, originally from west Belfast but who was based at Kilnacrott Abbey in Co Cavan, was convicted of sexually assaulting more than 40 children in Northern Ireland in 1994.

But he told a treating doctor that the true number of victims could have run into the hundreds.

The HIA, which is sitting in Banbridge Courthouse, is examining whether systemic failings enabled Smyth to continue his offending for so long.

An Garda Síochána said this evening it is co-operating with the abuse inquiry and a spokesperson said it would not be appropriate to comment while the inquiry is ongoing.

ANON Jun 24th, 2015 @ 11:25 AM

Copy and Paste...http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/news/victim-of-paedophile-brendan-smyth-i-still-dont-know-where-the-pictures-are-that-he-took-of-my-body-31323251.html

ANON Jun 24th, 2015 @ 11:03 AM

1/2...HIA inquiry hears angry jail letter from paedophile priest Fr Brendan Smyth….

The paedophile priest Fr Brendan Smyth wrote an angry letter from prison, criticising his Church and the media over their response to his conviction.

The letter emerged at the Historical Institutional Abuse (HIA) inquiry.
Smyth castigated a former leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland the then Bishop Cathal Daly for stating that his case had damaged the Church.

The serial child abuser's letter also blamed the media for creating an atmosphere of "shame" over his crimes.

The HIA inquiry, which is being held in Banbridge courthouse, County Down, is examining child abuse allegations in church, state and voluntary children's residential institutions dating back to 1922, but has set aside a dedicated module on the case of the late Brendan Smyth.

Smyth was at the centre of one of the first clerical child sex abuse scandals to rock the Catholic Church in Ireland.

The Northern Ireland-born priest was eventually convicted of more than 140 offences against children over a 40-year period and spent time in prison on both sides of the Irish border.

Writing from his cell in Magilligan prison, County Londonderry, in 1994, Smyth said that he wanted to express his "anger and disbelief" at Cathal Daly's comments in which he said his case had "done severe damage" to the Catholic Church.

Describing the then Bishop Daly as "lofty and intellectual", the convicted child abuser went on to blame the media.

He said: "Whatever my failings - and there are many it is not they, but the media reporting of them which has created an atmosphere of mixed shame and embarrassment."

ANON Jun 24th, 2015 @ 11:00 AM

2/2...The HIA inquiry also heard the only sanction the Catholic Church imposed on Smyth was to stop him hearing confessions.

The decision to withdraw Smyth's right to hear church-goers' confessions was made by Bishop Francis McKiernan in the Irish cross-border diocese of Kilmore.

The bishop's sanction followed a "secret" 1975 inquiry into allegations made against the paedophile priest by a number of young boys in the area.

The 1975 inquiry was conducted by three priests, including Fr John Brady who later became Cardinal Sean Brady and replaced Cathal Daly as the leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland.

Cardinal Brady retired last year.

The HIA hearing was told that, in the aftermath of the 1975 inquiry, there was nothing to show Bishop McKiernan had taken any action to stop Smyth from abusing more children, other than banning him from hearing confessions.

It heard that there was no evidence to suggest Bishop McKiernan informed his fellow bishops of the allegations against Smyth, or that he tried to help the children who reported the abuse.

The inquiry also heard about another letter sent by Smyth in 1995.
In it he said: "I have welcomed the prison sentences imposed by the courts as a fitting means of paying my debt to society.

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep sorrow to anyone who has in any way suffered as a result of my actions and also to those relatives, friends and members of my religious community who suffered because of the media treatment of these matters for a long time now.

"I have been at peace with my God and I trust they too will find a similar peace."

ANON Jun 24th, 2015 @ 10:57 AM

Copy and Paste....http://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/abbot-accused-of-lying-about-fr-brendan-smyth-1.2260429

ANON Jun 23rd, 2015 @ 02:21 PM

Child Sex Abuse: 'Cover-Up At Highest Level'…

Senior politicians could avoid being brought to justice because there is "cover-up at the highest level", an MP has claimed.

Labour MP John Mann said it was "extraordinary that no politician, past or present" had faced the court over claims of large-scale child sex abuse.

Mr Mann was speaking at a meeting in Westminster he was hosting for survivors of abuse.

He claimed there were members of both Houses of Parliament involved in the "biggest scandal in my lifetime" and said the number of victims to have come forward was just the "tip of the iceberg".

Campaigners have called for files containing historical allegations, which are withheld because they are covered by the Official Secrets Act, to be released.

The Bassetlaw MP said: "The fear that those of us who are campaigning have is that progress is slow. We have yet to see any national politician prosecuted.

"There have been other celebrities, so-called, household names who have been but no politicians yet."

He said there was no question there was an establishment cover-up and added that Justice Lowell Goddard's independent inquiry must examine the claims.

Mr Ma