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1/2. Man gets 5 years for keeping 4 sons in filthy home…
A father whose four young sons could communicate only in grunts when authorities rescued them from a filthy Denver apartment was sentenced to five years in prison Tuesday by a judge who said he hoped it would send a message to parents that they can't treat their children like pets.
Judge J. Eric Elliff said Wayne Sperling, 67, made outrageous excuses for neglecting the boys to the point where they could not recognize food and did not learn his lesson after an earlier child-abuse conviction cost him custody of three other children.
"The message is, you've got to treat your children with dignity and respect," Elliff said. "They're not pets. They are not possessions. They are human beings that need to be carefully nurtured. That didn't happen here."
Prosecutors said Sperling, his wife and the boys lived in an apartment where nearly every surface was covered in cat feces and flies. The children, ages 2 to 6, were malnourished when they were found on October 2013.
Sperling's wife, Lorinda Bailey, was sentenced to 90 days in jail and five years of probation last month, and Sperling's attorney argued he should receive a similar sentence. Prosecutors sought the maximum of seven years in prison.
"They just weren't equipped to be parents," defense attorney Betsy Atkinson said.
But Elliff said the case was more tragic because it wasn't a first for the family. The couple lost custody of three other children amid similar allegations in October 2006. The children mostly grunted and pointed to communicate, and officers found a home full of trash and rotten food. Bailey and Sperling pleaded guilty in June 2007 to misdemeanor child abuse.
"There have been so many failures on so many different levels," Elliff said. "Now we have seven children who are going to be scarred by these early childhood conditions".

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2/2.In the most recent case, an emergency room doctor suspected abuse when the youngest was taken to the hospital for a cut on his forehead. The doctor noticed he was unwashed, reeked of cigarette smoke and had bruises consistent with pinching. That led authorities to the apartment, where they found decomposing animals and about an inch of solidified cat feces and urine beneath one of the boy's beds.
Sperling, mumbling, told the judge to do "whatever you feel is right" when given a chance to speak before he was sentenced.
Prosecutors said it was one of their most horrific cases they had ever seen, but Colorado's child abuse laws kept them from pursuing harsher penalties because the children didn't suffer serious physical injuries.
After the boys were rescued and given bagged lunches to eat, they acted as if they hadn't seen food before, patting the sandwiches and playing with the apples, Deputy District Attorney Anita Drasan said. An adult mimed eating an apple to encourage them to eat; they licked the fruit instead, Drasan said.
The boys are improving while living in foster care, but still struggle as a result of the squalor. They have breathing problems and are sensitive to light, requiring them to wear special glasses, Drasan said.
"They didn't smile, they didn't laugh, and they lived in constant fear and were unable to express themselves," Drasan said. And, reading a statement from their foster mother, she added, "these are fighters and survivors. They will grow to do great things. But they have a long battle before them." Dec 2014

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1/2. Child sex abuse 'in every town'…
Detective Superintendent Paul Sanford said child sexual exploitation was taking place in "all communities" across the country
In the last 12 months a "shocking" level of child sexual exploitation (CSE) has been reported to police and cases of abuse had been hidden for too long, a senior officer has acknowledged.
Detective Superintendent Paul Sanford said CSE was taking place in "all communities" across the country.
His comments were echoed by Fleur Strong, director of Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation (Pace), who said acts of child abuse were taking place "in every town".
Police have seen a rise in reports of CSE and other forms of abuse following the revelations about sex gangs in Rotherham and Rochdale and historical cases involving celebrities such as Jimmy Savile.
Mr Sanford, a spokesman for the national child protection working group, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: " Policing has done a huge amount in recent years, despite significant challenges, to improve our response to all forms of child abuse, not just child sexual exploitation.
"Child sexual abuse has been hidden in our society for too long and, certainly in recent months, that picture has changed.
"The police is certainly now committed to doing all we can to root out child sexual exploitation and prevent more people from becoming victims.
"It is an abhorrent crime, there is absolutely no doubt about that. We are learning lessons, we have learned significant lessons from the past, but we are absolutely committed to improving the police response to these sorts of awful acts."
He added: "The last 12 months have been shocking, in terms of the scale. What we know is the Office of the Children's Commissioner have estimated that there are some 16,000 children at risk of CSE across the country.

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2/2. "That CSE takes place in all communities. There has been a model which has been frequently reported in the media over the last 12 months linked to cases such as Rotherham and Rochdale, but let's be clear: it takes place in all communities, urban, rural, small and large.
"I don't think there will be a community that could not potentially be affected by CSE.
" We are facing unprecedented demand within policing. We know that, across most forces, reports of abuse are going up by 17% year on year. That abuse is made up of a number of things. Most recently we have seen increases in reports of historic sexual abuse in institutions and also by well-known personalities and by groups and gangs.
"There is nothing that causes me to believe that situation is going to change and we are not going to see a continuation of the level of reporting."
Pace said it had noticed an increase in people using so-called "legal highs" to groom youngsters for sex and the crime was widespread across Britain.
Ms Strong told Today: "I can show you families from Torquay to Exeter to Norfolk, there are families in Edinburgh, Belfast, all of them who will be suffering from this type of crime that lasts, for many families, for years and years.
"I would say that without doubt there are thousands of families being affected today. I couldn't tell you whether it is high or low, but it is a significant number.
"This type of child abuse is in every town."
She added: "We are working in areas like Exeter where we have one mother at the moment who is having a very difficult time. Her daughter has turned 16, she has been groomed, she has been groomed partly through legal highs, which is something we are increasingly seeing being used by perpetrators.
"So things that you could have used to safeguard a child for instance, child abduction notices - you can no longer use those if the child is 16 and living at home." Dec 2014

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1/2. Police investigating 718 cases of child abuse in Northern Ireland…
Calls to local NSPCC helpline show sharp rise…
Police are investigating more than 700 claims of child abuse in Northern Ireland, it can be revealed.
Officers are probing 718 "live" cases where the victim was aged under 18.
The figure is thought to include a number of historic allegations relating to children's care homes.
It comes as a leading charity revealed it has seen the number of calls to a specialist helpline jump by almost a quarter in the last year.
The issue of child abuse has been in the headlines throughout 2014. A State inquiry into historical abuse in Northern Ireland, chaired by retired judge Sir Anthony Hart, opened in January.
The inquiry, which has so far been contacted by 524 individuals, has already heard harrowing testimonies from victims.
And in November a report estimated that up to 145 children were at significant risk of exploitation in Northern Ireland.
The extent of the PSNI's child abuse inquiries was revealed after a Freedom of Information request.
Police said the 718 cases were live, meaning they were under active investigation.
The number is understood to include both current and historic allegations.
Neil Anderson from NSPCC Northern Ireland said the media focus on child abuse may have persuaded people to come forward.
He revealed that a specialist helpline has seen a significant rise in calls in the last year.
"The NSPCC recently established a helpline team here in Belfast," he said. "Current call figures show that of the 924 calls made by people in Northern Ireland to the helpline in 2013/14, 536 (58%) were deemed so serious that they were referred to social services and PSNI for further intervention.
"The numbers are growing, with 23% (174) more calls made to the helpline from people in Northern Ireland in 2013/14 than during the previous year"

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2/2. SDLP MLA Dolores Kelly, who sits on the Policing Board, said the figures were appalling.
"It is extremely worrying to learn the scale of abuse," she said.
"Unfortunately in some ways it shouldn't surprise us. We have heard terrible stories in the news about this issue.
"I'd be worried that a lot more victims are suffering in silence and are not included in these figures. The safeguarding of children is very important and we have to work together to make sure we are doing everything we can to tackle abuse."
In November it was revealed that police forces in England and Wales were investigating more than 7,000 live cases of child sex abuse.
Over 1,800 investigations are active in London, with West Yorkshire police probing 1,100 allegations.
Concerns over child sexual exploitation in Northern Ireland were raised in a report commissioned by Edwin Poots while he was Health Minister and published in November.
The paper by Professor Kathleen Marshall revealed paramilitaries were using fear and intimidation to sexually exploit children.
It also uncovered cases involving the military, revealing that soldiers had been disciplined for smuggling girls into two different barracks in the last three years.
Her review estimated between 100 and 145 children were at significant risk of exploitation. However, most people consulted by the inquiry said what is known is likely to be the tip of the iceberg.
In September 2013 the PSNI began a major investigation into the sexual exploitation of children and young people who went missing from care.
At the time Mr Poots said the abuse was on a scale not seen before in Northern Ireland…
The Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry (HIA) is examining allegations of child abuse in children's homes and other residential institutions between 1922 and 1995. It is the biggest child abuse public inquiry ever held in the UK, having been contacted by 524 people who said they were abused in childhood. Most complainants are from the UK, 65 are from Australia and 26 from the Irish Republic. The HIA inquiry was set up by the First and Deputy First Minister in May 2012. Its aim is to establish if there were "systemic failings by institutions or the state in their duties towards those children in their care".Dec 2014

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Child abuse: Media coverage of high-profile cases has given more children courage to seek help…
Over the last few years the news agenda has been flooded with reports of large-scale sexual abuse including the horrendous actions of Jimmy Savile and accounts from victims giving evidence to the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry here.
While the figure of 718 ongoing sex abuse investigations by the PSNI is a stark statistic which highlights, to a degree, the scale of this heinous crime, the figures need to be seen in context.
There is reason to believe that media coverage of high-profile cases may be encouraging victims to come forward in the confidence that they will be believed.
Changes to the child protection reporting systems in Northern Ireland have also made it easier for victims to disclose abuse.
We also know that sexual offences involving children and young people reported to the PSNI over the last decade have shown an increase from 875 in 2002/03 to 1,182 in 2012/13.
This should not necessarily be taken to mean that there has been an increase in child abuse.
More and more children and young people are demonstrating the courage and confidence to come forward and report the abuse they have suffered.
It is important also to look into the nature of these reported cases and their relationship with the offender.
The majority of offenders will be known to the victims, many of them will be peers, with the abuse by strangers making up 30% of reports to the police.
We have also recently seen coverage of child sexual exploitation - this is an emerging issue for our young people, as are the risks in the online world.
All of these factors suggest that we must redouble our efforts to help educate children and young people to keep them safe, empower them to seek help and ensure that all cases are investigated thoroughly and those who prey on and abuse vulnerable children and young people must be prosecuted.
An increase in reporting abuse should be welcomed.
We also need to ensure that young people and their parents can access sources of help when they need it. Statistics tell only one part of the story.
But they also remind us of what we still have to do in this important journey to protect our children and young people from harm.
Neil Anderson is head of service for NSPCC Northern Ireland. December 2014

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Child abuse: Bathed in disinfectant, whipped with kettle flexes, beaten and forced to eat vomit,victims' harrowing testimonies…
Harrowing accounts of how children were beaten and abused in care homes in Northern Ireland have dominated the news during 2014.
The Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry is investigating allegations between 1922 and 1995.
It was set up by the Executive to investigate institutions run by the State and churches or owned by the private sector or voluntary bodies. Victims have given a series of powerful testimonies of the abuse they suffered while in care.
The inquiry heard how children at homes run by nuns were made to eat their own vomit.
Some were also forced to bathe in disinfectant and beaten for wetting the bed.
Children at Sisters of Nazareth properties in Derry were known by their numbers rather than their names.
Abuse included physical assaults using sticks, straps and kettle flexes.
Another former resident described how nuns' treatment of children at Termonbacca care home "bordered on the psychotic".
He described the home as a "hell-hole" and likened it to a concentration camp.
Children were forced to clean floors in a chain, with their arms linked and rags under both feet, he recalled.
He also told the inquiry that the nuns used to bath the children in Jeyes fluid, claiming: "It was kind of like a Zyklon B gas chamber."
A female witness also told how she was beaten black and blue by nuns but didn't tell anyone for fear that she would be killed.
The woman, now 58, lived in Nazareth House in Derry from 1957 until 1969.
She recalled a "cruel" nun who beat her.
The woman said: "She would punch or hit with a black belt she wore around her waist, or a stick. She would just lose her temper.
"I tried to grab whatever she had in her hand and she just said 'Don't grab it, there's nails in it' and I was black and blue."
The inquiry has also heard how sex abuse was rampant at Rubane House in Co Down.
Around a fifth of boys were subjected to sexual or physical abuse, equal to if not worse than that at another notorious home, Kincora in east Belfast.
Three De La Salle Order Brothers were charged but none convicted after their trials did not go ahead due to legal issues.
The inquiry has also heard how 131 children, some as young as five, were sent to Australia as child migrants.
One told how he was allowed to believe he was an orphan for over four decades.
He was 48 years old when he discovered that his mother was still alive.Dec 201

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Southend teacher Martin Goldberg 'betrayed' school…
A head teacher has described the "utter shock and betrayal" he felt on discovering a long-serving teacher was a paedophile.
In the Thorpe Hall School newsletter, Andrew Hampton revealed how he was taken in by deputy head Mark Goldberg.
The teacher was found dead at his home in September by police investigating information uncovered in Canada.
Images of boys undressing at the Southend school and at a leisure centre were found on his computer.
Goldberg, 46, who had taught at Thorpe Hall School for 23 years, was found dead on 10 September, a day after he was interviewed by Essex Police officers.
At that stage police were refused a search warrant of his home by magistrates. He was not arrested due to a lack of evidence.
Essex Police later found 75 indecent images from the changing rooms of the independent school on his computer.
A further 465 were found to have been taken at the leisure centre's swimming pool and 38 at "two other locations".
Police said both stills and videos had been made from a camera concealed inside a bag from 2000 onwards and were of boys aged between nine and 12.
Mr Hampton said the discovery of Goldberg's body had been "incredibly emotional" for everyone at the school.
"But our grief turned to utter shock and betrayal when I was told what he had been doing," he said.
"Staff and I have wrestled with the question of whether we should have had any suspicions. But we were all deceived," said Mr Hampton.
"There was no indication that Mr Goldberg was leading a double life."
The school had not received any complaints about Goldberg's conduct.
Mr Hampton added he had been assured by the NSPCC that such a lack of awareness about Goldberg's double life was typical.
Earlier that year, the school's safeguarding procedures had been approved by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, but the NSPCC has been invited to work with staff.
It has emerged Essex Police were told in November 2013 about Goldberg buying videos of naked boys.
The ten-month gap between them being given this information and interviewing Goldberg has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission for scrutiny.
The case also highlighted delays in the way British police forces failed to act on information about suspected paedophiles passed to them by Canadian authorities.
The National Crime Agency took a year to pass on the Goldberg tip-off.
December 29

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Teacher Jailed For 13 Years For Sex Assaults…
“The true number of Charles Napier's crimes could run into the hundreds with some of his victims as young as eight”...
A former treasurer for the Paedophile Information Exchange has been jailed for 13 years for 31 sexual offences against boys.
Charles Napier, 67, who is related to Conservative MP John Whittingdale, was told by Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith at Southwark Crown Court he had "gravely abused" his duty of care at a school in West Sussex.
Napier was described as a "brazen" and "opportunistic" offender, who abused 21 boys all under the age of 16 whilst he was teaching between 1967 and 1972.
On Tuesday he entered guilty pleas to a further two indecent assault charges, which involved two 13-year-old boys in the late 1970s and 80s at his home in Thames Ditton, Surrey.
It is thought the true number of his offences runs into the hundreds.
Napier's youngest victims were eight years old. Despite that, he told police he believed he was in "relationships" with them and was "very fond" of them all.
Much of his abuse took place in a workshop, where he would roll out a mattress and give boys chocolate biscuits and alcohol before the assaults began.
Napier, who has seven previous convictions for indecent assault, left the school suddenly in 1972 after a complaint from a boy resulted in an investigation.
The 67-year-old then joined the Paedophile Information Exchange, where he claimed he wanted to meet "like-minded people" to see how they "coped" with being attracted to children.
Benjamin Hargreaves, acting for Napier, told the court he was "genuinely remorseful for his ghastly actions", but that he had been a young man who was out of control at the time of the offending.
His sentence was less severe than it might have been because he entered guilty pleas at the earliest opportunity, to save his victims further trauma, Mr Hargreaves said. December 24

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1/1 Nazareth House abuse survivor's remarkable memoir now on best-sellers list…
For 17 years she was referred only as 'Number 51'…
But the little girl who grew up unloved and neglected in an orphanage - now under scrutiny in a major Government investigation - has had the last word.
Marie Therese Rogers-Moloney's heartrending story of the physical and emotional abuse she experienced at the Catholic Church-run Nazareth House and the search for her parents has resulted in success as a best-selling writer.
The Belfast woman's memoir. For The Sins Of My Mother is currently in the top 10 in the best selling list in Eason's.
The book, which she started to write over 20 years ago, has sold more than 800 copies in just three weeks after being launched by publisher Colourpoint Books at Belfast Castle last month.
The retired nurse and administrative officer will be one of a number of adults cared for by The Sisters of Nazareth congregation at Nazareth House to give evidence at the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry next year.
The memoir tells of how she was allocated the number in place of her birth name - which today includes the surnames of both parents - and how she was labelled as "educationally subnormal" by the nuns who looked after her when she retreated into silence in order to escape any mistreatment. Yesterday she told the Belfast Telegraph: "Not all the nuns were bad, but there were three nuns who were just plain cruel and there was no need for it.
"You may not be able to see the scars which the experience had on me, but it has affected me my whole life."
Her mother Josie Rogers, a widowed hotel owner from Donegal, got pregnant after a relationship with a visiting water engineer, Denis Moloney from Limerick, in the 1950s

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2/2 Just days after having Marie Therese, she told the staff at the Lisieux Nursing home on Clifton Street that she needed to get out, and she never came back.
Marie Therese's mother was 37 when she had her - ironically the same age that she was when she discovered her mother was still alive.
However, a teacher at the special education school that Marie Therese attended took a liking to her and visited her one day.
"All I knew was that I was taken away and scrubbed clean to perfection," she explained.
"Then this beautiful green velvet dress was produced and I was dressed in it before I met Mrs McHugh."
She later found out that the dress was sent by her mother, who also sent the nuns money, but the money and this information had been kept from her.
The teacher eventually told Marie Therese in a letter who her mother, was and that she could be found in Letterkenny Hospital.
Marie Therese added: "When I got this letter, rage took over. God Almighty, I was so angry, all the emotions started flooding in. I thought that I wanted to strangle her, I wanted to wring her neck.
"But when I went to the hospital with two of my friends, what I saw there I wasn't prepared for."
Fact file:
For The Sins Of My Mother is a memoir written by Marie Therese Rogers-Moloney, one of the children who attended Nazareth House orphanage in south Belfast from the 1950s, a residential institution that is now under scrutiny in the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry. Published by Colourpoint Books, it's priced at £9.99 and is available at Eason's, Waterstones and online from Amazon. December 2014

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Boy, 17, admits lying about Amelia Jones's death…
A teenager has admitted lying to police about the death of a six-week-old girl.
The 17-year-old, who cannot be named, pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice over the death of Amelia Jones at Cardiff Crown Court on Monday.
Amelia was found with serious injuries at a house in Cwmbran in November 2012.
The boy was released on bail and will be sentenced at Cwmbran Youth Court in January. Amelia's grandfather Mark Jones, 45, has denied her murder and will stand trial in 2015.
The boy admitted "giving a false account to police" when he was questioned about her death. December 23

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Entertainer Mark Whincup admits child abuse images and drugs charges…
A north Wales children's entertainer has pleaded guilty to a series of charges relating to child abuse images and drug offences.
Mark Whincup, 50, admitted 20 charges at Mold Crown Court on Monday.
Remanding him in custody, Judge Niclas Parry described it as a worrying case.
Whincup, who performed under the name 'Magic Mark', was told he will be sentenced in January.
As well as being a children's entertainer and magician, Whincup worked with the drug and alcohol agency, CAIS.
One campaign he was involved in was called "Don't Touch, Tell" - warning children of the dangers of drug needles.
Whincup, from Rhos-on-Sea, Conwy, pleaded guilty to four charges of distributing indecent images of child, nine charges of making indecent images of children, one charge of possessing 117 indecent images, and one charge of possessing 743 indecent movie images.
He also pleaded guilty to two charges involving possessing extreme images depicting sex acts between people and animals, and three charges of supplying the class A drug methamphetamine also known as crystal meth.
All the offences occurred between January 2012 and July 2014. December 2014

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School Cleaners Who Raped Boy, 6, Jailed…
The suspects were convicted of raping a six-year-old boy 13 times, as his parents sue the exclusive private school for £80m.
Four caretakers at an exclusive school in Indonesia who repeatedly raped a six-year-old boy have been jailed.
Each of the men were sentenced to eight years in prison, and ordered to pay a £5,100 fine, after being "proven legally and convincingly guilty of committing sexual abuse and violence on minors".
Another suspect, a woman, was jailed for seven years for "assisting in violence and the sexual abuse of children".

One cleaner, a woman, was jailed for seven years for her involvement
Police say a sixth cleaner committed suicide by drinking bathroom cleaner while in custody.
The victim's family are now suing the Jakarta International School – favoured by expats and wealthy Indonesians or $125m (£80m).
Lawyers for the five plan to take their appeal to the High Court, and claim the verdicts were unfair because medical reports found the boy had suffered no major injuries.
However, prosecutors stated that the boy had been raped 13 times.
A Canadian teacher, Neil Bantleman, along with an Indonesian teaching assistant, is on trial separately, accused of abusing the young boy along with two other students. Both deny the charges against them. December 23

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Child abuse inquiry: Police probe call from MP Jonathan Evans…
Police investigations into claims of historical child abuse should "take precedence" over a UK government-ordered inquiry, a Welsh MP says.
Cardiff North MP Jonathan Evans said it was "a tragedy" there was no agreement on who should chair the inquiry, set up after claims of paedophiles operating in Westminster in the 1980s.
The Conservative MP said cases should be investigated by the police first.
Child abuse survivors have urged the government to scrap the inquiry.
Instead, they want it replaced with a more powerful body.
It comes after Home Secretary Theresa May told inquiry members their panel might be disbanded.
The Met Police said earlier this month that detectives were investigating three alleged murders as part of their investigation into historical child abuse.
Mr Evans, who is chairman of the Welsh Tory party and a former deputy chairman of the Welsh NSPCC council, said: "Now I hear that a number of the groups who are representing victims have suggested the whole of the process should be stopped and a different sort of inquiry created.
"I don't know exactly what the terms of that inquiry should be and I'm not really sure what they mean by setting up a stronger inquiry because I think the inquiry that was being set up was a pretty strong one."
He said ongoing police inquiries introduced a "new dimension", and that they appeared to be proceeding on the basis of new evidence "in which the police have already made it clear to the media that there are real issues that are being investigated".
"It seems to me that those police inquiries have got to now take precedence. We ought not to have a situation in which we set up an inquiry and then we can only do half the job because police inquiries are ongoing."
Mr Evans, who was a Wales Office minister in the 1990s when the UK government set up the Waterhouse inquiry into abuse allegations at children's homes in north Wales, added: "It seems to me that the police inquiries are now at the forefront."
He said Mrs May should not be blamed for delays to the inquiry, which has been held up by the resignation of her first two choices of chairperson.
Victims must have confidence in the process, Mr Evans said, "and so the reason we are in the situation we are in is that we are struggling to find a chairman that the victims' groups will have confidence in". December 23

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School Cleaners Who Raped Boy, 6, Jailed…
The suspects were convicted of raping a six-year-old boy 13 times, as his parents sue the exclusive private school for £80m.
Four caretakers at an exclusive school in Indonesia who repeatedly raped a six-year-old boy have been jailed.
Each of the men were sentenced to eight years in prison, and ordered to pay a £5,100 fine, after being "proven legally and convincingly guilty of committing sexual abuse and violence on minors".
Another suspect, a woman, was jailed for seven years for "assisting in violence and the sexual abuse of children".

One cleaner, a woman, was jailed for seven years for her involvement
Police say a sixth cleaner committed suicide by drinking bathroom cleaner while in custody.
The victim's family are now suing the Jakarta International School – favoured by expats and wealthy Indonesians or $125m (£80m).
Lawyers for the five plan to take their appeal to the High Court, and claim the verdicts were unfair because medical reports found the boy had suffered no major injuries.
However, prosecutors stated that the boy had been raped 13 times.
A Canadian teacher, Neil Bantleman, along with an Indonesian teaching assistant, is on trial separately, accused of abusing the young boy along with two other students. Both deny the charges against them. December 23

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1/4 Please share this widely and make our world a safer place for our children!
One month ago, I sent a copy of the following letter to every Rabbi of an Orthodox shul in Baltimore.
I received not a single response to my letter; neither in writing, phone call, or e-mail.
Fifteen years ago, the president of the Vaad Harabonim of Baltimore, Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer, advised my family to cut me off unless I promise never to state publicly that my father molested me.
The problem is that my father, is the principal of an elementary school in
Baltimore, Torah Institute. My father has never taken responsibility for his
actions and continues to work with children.
Please publicize this and hold the Baltimore rabbis accountable to their words:

ANON ( Dec 23rd, 2014 @ 11:35 AM

2/4 To the Vaad Harabonim of Baltimore, and The Baltimore Frum Community:
Over twenty years ago, when I disclosed that my father molested me, I was given the message that I would be better off dead than speaking my truth.
Back then, I believed the message that the rabbonim and my family gave me, and at the age of twenty two I survived a serious suicide attempt. A few years later, I was told by Rabbi Hopfer, through my family, that unless I agreed to keep quiet about my experiences I would receive the worst punishment in the Torah; Kares.
I could not survive and keep silent, and so I lost everyone that I loved.
On April 11, 2007, The Vaad Harabonim of Baltimore issued a letter to the community where you claimed to know something about child sexual abuse.(I am quoting directly from that letter)
"The greatest allies of the abuser are ignorance and silence. The abuser thrives in an environment where he is confident that his victims will not report what they have experienced, or where their reports of abuse will not be taken seriously."

The Vaad Harabonnim of Baltimore have effectively created an environment where my father is confident that any victim of his, who dares to come forward,(and not many will dare, after the example you made of me) will not be believed or taken seriously.
You claimed in this letter that survivors are:
"so richly deserving of your compassion and support."
Yet, you abandoned me, and continue to abandon me.
You wrote that a single abuser will often have many victims.
Yet, you continue to allow my father to be in a position of power and authority over innocent children. You wrote in your letter:
"The damage that abuse can cause is devastating and potentially life altering; it
commonly ruins an individuals sense of self, their ability to trust others, and their ability to engage in a healthy intimate relationship."
These things are all true.

ANON ( Dec 23rd, 2014 @ 11:34 AM

3/4 I am, to this day, still dealing with the after effects of the abuse that I endured.
You wrote that your own poskim pasken that an abuser is a "rodef", that he is incapable of teshuva, that publicizing his status as an abuser, while causing enormous damage to his own family, may be the only way to truly protect the community from him.
You claim in your letter to believe that abusers must be stopped, and that you
have made terrible mistakes and that they haunt you. I am one of the mistakes that will haunt you.
I have nothing to hide.
I offered to speak with you, as well as to allow you to speak with my therapist, and you ignored me. My offer still stands.
Everything you wrote in this seven year old letter is true...and yet, you have not been capable of applying it in a situation where you know and trust the perpetrator.
Dr. David Pelcovitz, a community expert on this topic, often says that the closer you are to the perpetrator, the more you can identify with him, the less likely you will be to see the truth, and the stronger will be your denial. You all know and trust my father. Some of you knew my grandfather. None of you know me, as an adult, nor have you tried to know me.
You are all allies of an abuser. You are all still failing to protect our children from abuse.
Some of you may not be aware that I was not always considered crazy. I was actually, according to my bosses at the time, Rabbi Velvel Rosen and Sara Itzkowitz, one of the best pre-school teachers in T.I. That is, until I spoke my truth and tried to get help.
In Israel for the past nine years, I ran a progressive and very successful early childhood program:

ANON ( Dec 23rd, 2014 @ 11:33 AM

4/4 When I heard about Eliyahu Goode's death, I felt his neshama crying out to me and I thought it was because he, like I, was also an abandoned victim of child
sexual abuse from our community. It was only afterward that I realized that
Eliyahu had been a student of mine, when he was five, and I was twenty, and teaching pre-1-A at Torah Institute. Eliyahu was a sweet boy, and a good boy. He too needed and deserved your support.
I know, Hashem knows, and Eliyahu knows, that I am doing everything I can to express what he and what so many other victims of child sexual abuse in the Torah community can not say, because we have been silenced and shamed by you, the rabbonim.
I think it is a mistake for rabbonim, or anyone else, to think that they can judge
between me or my father, or evaluate my mental status.
The fact that my father has more than one serious allegation against him, raises doubt about his safety around children. Attacking an alleged victim's mental health to prove non-credibility, is as ridiculous as saying that a girl can't possibly be anorexic since she weighs seventy five pounds and barely eats.
It is a fact, that in many cases, child sexual abuse and incest cause mental health issues, just as anorexia causes weight loss. In my case, and all cases of alleged child sexual abuse, assessing risk is appropriate. Judgment is not.
Hashem is unconditional love and truth. Torah is truth and love. Truth and love are stronger and far more enduring than power and control.
Abusing your power and authority to silence victims of child sexual abuse,
as you have in my case, has nothing to do with Torah, and should not, and will not, last.
Genendy Eisgrau

ANON ( Dec 22nd, 2014 @ 07:41 PM

1/2. Child sex abuse police officer Nick Lidstone sentenced…
A judge who sentenced a paedophile police officer to 14-and-a-half years in jail questioned how he had kept his job despite previously being caught taking photographs of children.
Cambridgeshire Police sergeant Nick Lidstone has admitted a series of rapes and child sex attacks on a victim.
Norwich Crown Court heard Lidstone had been arrested eight years earlier for taking "up-skirt" pictures of children.
The 54-year-old had been given a conditional discharge in 2005.
Lidstone, who had taken the pictures using a spy pen in a branch of Tesco, had not been placed on the sex offenders' register as he had never been charged with an offence.
He had kept his job after agreeing to have counselling. All of his most serious abuse happened after this offence.
In placing him on the sex offender's register for life, Judge Anthony Bate said because Lidstone was only convicted of a public order offence a chance to detect his abuse was missed.
He told Lidstone: "Why on earth you were not charged under the sexual offences act, I do not know.
"Whoever took that decision, it allowed you to carry on as a police officer."

ANON ( Dec 22nd, 2014 @ 07:39 PM

2/2. Cambridgeshire Police Chief Constable Simon Parr said: "At the time of the offences in 2005, the case was reviewed and the then Deputy Chief Constable decided Lidstone be placed on restricted duties.
"If we were faced with the same decision today, a more severe sanction would be imposed."
Alec Wood, Deputy Chief Constable of the force, said Lidstone's sentence reflected "the horrendous nature" of his crimes.
He said police would always investigate cases about the conduct of their officers "thoroughly and ensure any offenders are brought to justice."
At an earlier hearing, Lidstone, from Heslerton Way, Barrington, Cambridgeshire, had pleaded guilty to 13 offences including three counts of rape, three counts of indecency with a child, various sexual assaults and taking an indecent photograph of a child.
Prosecutor Andrew Shaw said Lidstone had started grooming the victim when she was nine.
The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, earlier this year reported years of abuse which culminated in being raped as an adult.
She was unable to make a statement to court as she was so distressed the thought of it "made her physically sick".
"This was serious sexual assault," Mr Shaw said.
One witness who knew the victim described how her life had been "ruined".
"She has never been able to integrate or make friends," he said.
Lidstone broke down in tears in the dock as details of his abuse were read out.
Kerry Broome, mitigating, said Lidstone had been "infatuated".
She said: "He is very well aware of the shame he has brought on the police force and his 30 years of service are over."
Lidstone pleaded not guilty to two counts of indecency with a child, two counts of indecent assault, one count of sexual assault and one count of assault by penetration. 22 December

ANON ( Dec 22nd, 2014 @ 07:30 PM

The round-the-clock Childline telephone service has been rescued…
The announcement by the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC) comes following an appeal last October for help to stave off the threat closure because of financial difficulties.
Childline has been taking calls from lonely and distressed children and young people for 26 years, but in October the ISPCC warned that the 45,000 calls the service is answering by night would go unanswered next year if it failed to raise €1.2m.
ISPCC Acting CEO Caroline O'Sullivan told RTÉ News the public appeal had raised €400,000 this year, while securing pledges of €300,000 for next year.
Ms O'Sullivan said €200,000 of the total had come from corporate donations.
In addition, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Dr James Reilly announced his department and the charity have reached a funding agreement spanning this year and next, but he did not put a figure on the amount involved.
However, it is understood the annual government contribution will be between €100,000 - €200,000.
Dr Reilly also welcomed a further agreement involving his department, the Child and Family Agency, Tusla and the ISPCC to cooperate in the area of child protection.
This will include exploring the enhanced use of technologies to assist with the statutory roll-out of this year's Children First Bill.
The legislation will require organisations serving children to keep them safe and to produce a Child Safeguarding Statement.
It will also require defined categories of persons to report child protection concerns over a defined threshold to the Child and Family Agency, while obliging those persons to assist the agency in the assessment of a child protection risk, if the agency requests them to do so.
The Minister added the ISPCC had also agreed to provide information on an on-going basis to his department and the Department of Health regarding ‘hidden harm’ issues reported to Childline.He said the information would help to identify the needs of children and young people within their families and the level of that need.
Dr Reilly said Childline has considerable experience in being the 'listening ear' to concerns of children and young people
Underlining the generous public response to October's emergency appeal, Mr Flinter said the minister had stated he values Childline's importance and that his department would work with the charity to ensure that Childline remains an around-the clock service. 22 Dec

ANON ( Dec 22nd, 2014 @ 01:17 PM

Cut and paste...Abuse Survivors welcome change ...

ANON ( Dec 22nd, 2014 @ 01:09 PM

Cut ans paste...Child Abuse Inquiry:

ANON ( Dec 22nd, 2014 @ 01:07 PM

Copy and paste...

ANON ( Dec 22nd, 2014 @ 12:49 PM

1/2.. Child abuse inquiry: Three MPs and three peers named in paedophile dossier handed to Scotland Yard…

The dossier, which has been compiled by Labour MP John Mann, contains a total list of 22 high-profile figures deemed “worthy of investigation,” following the detailed examination of hundreds of pieces of evidence presented to him by members of the public, The Sunday Times reports.
Mr Mann told the newspaper the dossier names 12 former ministers, several of whom he believes were “definitely child abusers” and at least two of which are alleged to have assaulted boys at the Dolphin Square “abuse parties”.
He believes that the evidence presented against half of those on the list is “very compelling” and that some could “definitely be prosecuted”.
The MP said he had investigated claims made against many other names but did not believe the evidence was “sufficiently strong enough” to pass onto police. He revealed he had also been told of allegations that an organised crime ring and one celebrity had been involved in the trafficking of young boys across London to the abuse parties in Dolphin Square.

ANON ( Dec 22nd, 2014 @ 12:47 PM

2/2.. The development follows Thursday’s news that the Metropolitan police are investigating allegations that three young boys, who are believed to have been physically and sexually abused at the hands of Westminster MPs in the 1970s and 80s, were murdered by the VIP paedophile ring following the evidence of a “credible” witness.
Police have made a dramatic appeal for witnesses and victims of abuse to come forward after their witness, known only as Nick, claimed that during his years of abuse at the hands of Conservative politicians, he saw a Conservative MP strangle a boy to death during a sex attack. He claims a second boy was killed in a brutal physical attack and that a third was deliberately run down by a car driven by one of the perpetrators, which he took to be a warning not to speak of the abuse to anyone.
Nick, who claimed to have been abused from the age of seven to 16 at several abuse parties held at Dolphin Square in London, and other properties including military bases, came forward to police after detailing his story to investigative journalism news site Exaro.
The Labour MP’s dossier is set to be followed by a second document concerning an alleged cover-up of the investigation into VIP paedophile rings in the 1980s, compiled by former police officers, Exaro has revealed.
The second dossier is borne out of claims made on a private online forum that that police operations against VIP paedophiles had been shut down just as they had begun to uncover child sex abuse by prominent people. It will be delivered to Met police commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe. December 22

ANON ( Dec 21st, 2014 @ 09:33 PM

1/2 Letter to Irish Times….


Finalised terms of reference for a mother & baby home inquiry due last July will be published by Children's Minister James Reilly in January.

Though the terms are unknown, the Bethany Home is to be included. A parallel institution, the Magdalen Asylum (later Denny House) should be also. There are indications, however, that institutions to which Bethany and Magdalen children were sent, not included in the previous Redress Act scheme, will be excluded (Dan Griffin report,, December 16th).

For instance, the Nursery Rescue Society took control of the lives of former Magdalen Asylum residents and farmed them out, literally, to rural families. They acted as child labourers and were generally shunned by the families and schools to which they were sent. Many succumbed to alcohol and other drugs as their lives afterwards fell apart. One survivor spoke to Patsy McGarry earlier this year (July 8th). He is one of the very few to have put his life together and thus able to speak coherently about his experiences (that included discovering at age 58 he had an illegally exported and adopted twin sister). On December 21st, Simon Carswell reported the contrasting experiences of two brothers. One was successfully adopted